Christogiannis Ioannis

Orthopedic Surgeon-Sports Doctor MD.MSc. PhD (c)

Chief Medical Officer of the National Rowing Team

Member of the Medical Committee of

the Hellenic Olympic Committee

Welcome to the website of orthopaedic surgeon Ioannis F. Christogiannis.


Our website aims to inform and provide specialized care on musculoskeletal diseases and sports injuries in a direct and understandable way while providing useful instructions and comprehensive advice on musculoskeletal diseases and ways to deal with them.


Special mention is made in our medical office in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal diseases and sports injuries, which focuses on changing the habits responsible for the occurrence of musculoskeletal diseases and maintaining the quality of life of patients.

Finally, personalized protocols are created in patients undergoing a surgical procedure with the aim of quickly recovering of their health condition.


Welcome to our website


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